LA MUSICA: RÉBEL Jean-Féry [Jean-Baptiste-Ferry, le père]

RÉBEL Jean-Féry [Jean-Baptiste-Ferry, le père] (1666-1747)

Born in Paris (France) on 19 June 1666;
died in Paris (France) on 7 November 1747.

French violinist and composer. Father of François Rebel.
Pupil of Lully, Wrote sonatas and pieces for solo vn. By 1699 he was first violinist of the Académie royale de musique, journeyed to Spain the following year, and was given a place in the 24 Violons du Roy on his return in 1705.

He served as court composer, maître de musique at the Académie, and director of the Concert spirituel. Compositions include choreographed "symphonies"; the work entitled Les élémens (1737) contains a depiction of chaos.

1705: July: Appointed to 24 Violons of French King.
1705: Published Pièces...divisées par suites de tons... .
1712: Published Sonates à II et III parties... (dated 1695 in manuscript).
1713: Published Sonates...mellées de plusieurs récits... .
1716: Became maître de musique, Académie Royale.
1718: Received half of position of court chamber composer.
1726: Appointed as court chamber composer.
1737: Composed Les élémens.