DESTOUCHES André-Cardinal (1672-1749)

Born in Paris (France) on April 1672;
died in Paris (France) on 3 February 1749.

Studied with Campra. Superintendent, Paris Opéra, 1713, dir. 1728-30. Best-known work is 3-act opera Issé, heroic pastorale prod. Fontainebleau 1697. It was one of his operas, Omphale (1701), that sparked off the "Querelle des Bouffons".

André Cardinal Destouches is the least well-known of Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Jean-Phillipe Rameau, but in his own time he was a highly respected figure on the Parisian musical scene.
Louis XIV declared that "never has anyone since Lully given me music I enjoyed so much.

Destouches' most popular work was Les Eléments, an opera-ballet he wrote with Delalande in 1721.
Destouches was responsible for the dance-music that fills the work, and no less than Louis XV himself danced in its premiere.

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Sujet: Portraits
Titre: André-Cardinal Destouches/Louis Crépy, d'après une médaille de 1732.
Publication:Ca 1750
Description:1 eau-forte ; 19 x 8 cm.
Notes: Cote : BNF Richelieu Musique fonds estampesDestouches 001 n°XII d'une série de planches.