ot as tall as the average, alert, nimble, slender, elegant, she seems to embody “the hint between the last rank of elegance and the first of aristocracy”.

Her face and figure matched perfectly, the face a perfect oval, with nice and clear hair; wide eyes with pretty eyebrows of the same colour; a fine nose, a lovely mouth, beautiful teeth with the prettiest smile; a perfect and bright skin that gave splendour to her features.

Her eyes had a special charm due maybe to their undefined colour; they didn’t have the brightness of black eyes, neither the tender weakness of blue eyes nor the exquisiteness of grey eyes; that undefined colour made them very seductive and capable at showing any feeling of a lively soul.


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The Letters of Mme.

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Luigi XVI, cronache
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A novelty on worldwide first release: The contract of marriage and the contract of divorce of Mme.

Versailles & Mme de Pompadour.

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Read the memories of Mme: a contemporary of her writes them. (they are in ancient Italian).