Fanfan la tulipe (1952)

Country : France
Time : 1h35
Support : B & W
Type : Aventures
Written By René Wheele r- René Fallet
Realizer : Christian-Jaque
Scenario : René Wheeler, René Fallet
Dialogues : Henri Jeanson
Photo : Christian Matras
Music : Maurice Thiriet, Georges Van Parys

Interpreters :

Gérard Philipe: Fanfan la tulipe
Gina Lollobrigida: Adeline
Marcel Herrand: Louis XV
Noël Roquevert: Fier à bras
Olivier Hussenot: Tranche-Montagne
Jean-Marc Tennberg: Lebel
Jean Parédès: Capitaine de la Houlette
Geneviève Page: Madame de Pompadour
Nerio Bernardi: La franchise
Henri Rollan: Le maréchal d'Estrées
Sylvie Pelayo: Henriette de France
Georgette Anys: Mme Tranche-Montagne
Irène Young: Marion
Lucien Callamand: Le maréchal de Brandebourg
Lolita De Silva: Dame dhonneur
Hennery: Guillot
Gil Delamare: Soldat


Fanfan la Tulipe enlists in the army of King Louis XV to escape being forced into marrying a peasant girl. The recruiting sergeant's daughter, Adeline, pretending to be a gypsy girl, has deceived Fanfan by foretelling that he will marry the King's daughter. It looks as if the false prophesy will come true when Fanfan saves the royal princess when her coach is attacked by bandits. Later, when he becomes tired of army exercises, Fanfan deserts and breaks into the royal palace, determined to see the King's daughter. He is captured and sentenced to death, but pardoned at the last minute. Aware that she is in love with Fanfan, the King summons Adeline to his palace and demands a small gesture of gratitude for sparing his life. Adeline refuses and flees. Furious, the King demands that she be recaptured. Only one man can save her - Fanfan la Tulipe!

One of the most popular historical-adventure films made in France, Fanfan la Tulipe is a hugely entertaining melange of swash-buckling adventure, comedy and romance. To watch the recently released re-mastered colour version of the film, it is hard to believe that the film was made in 1952. Not only is the film impeccably made, with lavish production values, stunning cinematography and impressively choreographed fight scenes, but it has a timeless quality which will no doubt ensure it will remain a popular classic for years to come.

Popular actor Gérard Philipe excels in this film in what is regarded by many as his finest film role, the indefatiguable womaniser and agile swordsman Fanfan la Tulipe.
Philipe is simply brilliant in the role, tackling the numerous swordfights and Henri Jeanson's sparkling dialogue with equal relish. Italian beauty Gina Lollobrigida stars opposite Philipe, giving the film a touch of class whilst no doubt contributing to its international success.
Other cast members, such as Marcel Herrand and Noël Roquevert make the most of the film's comic side, providing a perfect counterfoil for the film's more serious moments.

The director-writer team Christian-Jaque and Henri Jeanson attempted to repeat the success of this film in 1964 with a similar (but inferior) film, La Tulipe noire.

Geneviève Page (1930)


Long-necked, doe-eyed French leading lady Genevieve Page enjoyed a very long career in glamorous roles. For reasons unknown, Genevieve has frequently been cast in costume pictures as a delectable heroine who meets an untimely demise.

Among her better-known screen roles were Princess Urraca in Anthony Mann's El Cid (1961), Madame Anais in Bunuel's Belle De Jour (1967) and Gabrielle Valladon in Billy Wilder's The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1969).

Even late in her career, Genevieve Page remained delightfully decorative in films like Aria (1987) and Le Bois noirs (1989), Stranger in the House (1992). ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide.



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