Monsieur Beaucaire (1946)

Director(s): George Marshall
Writer(s): Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
(based on the novel by Booth Tarkington)
Producer(s): Paul Jones
Cinematography: Lionel Lindon
Editing: Arthur Schmidt
Music Composer: Robert Emmett Dolan
Music Director: Robert Emmett Dolan
Art Direction: Earl Hedrick, Hans Dreier
Costume Design: Mary Kay Dodson
Special Effects: Gordon Jennings, Farciot Edouart
Choreography: Josephine Earl, Billy Daniels


Monsieur Beaucaire, Booth Tarkington's novel about an 18th-century French barber who poses as a swashbuckling aristocrat, was the surprising source for this Grade-A Bob Hope comedy. While in the original novel the tonsorial hero pretended to be someone he wasn't by choice, in this 1946 film Hope is coerced into posturing as a nobleman on the threat of death.
It's "out of the frying pan" time here, since Hope will be a target for execution the moment he weds a Spanish princess in place of genuine noble Patric Knowles. Bob's actions will prevent a war between Spain and France, but it's likely he won't be around to celebrate the Peace. Hiding his cowardice by cracking wise at every opportunity, Hope manages to save both the day and himself; he even rescues Joseph Schildkraut, the film's nominal villain, from the guillotine.
The female contingent is represented by Joan Caulfield as Bob's covetous girl friend, Marjorie Reynolds as a princess, and Hillary Brooke as a haughty schemer (who is given her just desserts in an early slapstick set-piece). Woody Allen has long expressed his affection for Monsieur Beaucaire, an affection made doubly obvious in "homage" fashion by Allen's 1975 costume comedy Love and Death. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Interpreters :

Bob Hope: M. Beaucaire
Joan Caulfield: Mimi
Patric Knowles: Duc de Chandre
Marjorie Reynolds: Princess Maria of Spain
Cecil Kellaway: Count D'Armand
Joseph Schildkraut: Don Francisco
Reginald Owen: King Louis XV of France
Constance Collier: The Queen
Hillary Brooke: Madame de Pompadour
Fortunio Bonanova: Don Carlos
Douglas Dumbrille: George Washington
Mary Nash: The Duenna
Leonid Kinskey: Rene
Howard Freeman: King Philip of Spain
Dorothy Vernon: Servant
Jack Mulhall: Guard
Philip Van Zandt: Guard
Eric Alden: Swordsman
Helen Freeman: Queen of Spain
Alan Hale Jr.: Courier

Hugh Prosser: Courier
John Maxwell: Courier
Lane Chandler: Officer
George Sorel: Duke
Anthony Caruso: Masked Horseman
Jean De Briac: Minister of Finance
Jean Del Val: Minister of War
John Mylong: Minister of State
Nino Pipitone: Lackey
Lynne Lyons: Signora Gonzales
Mona Maris: Marquisa
Charles Coleman: Major Domo
Brandon Hurst: Marquis
Buddy Roosevelt: Spanish Guard
Manuel Paris: Spanish Guard
Catherine Craig: Duchess
Noreen Nash: Baroness
Nina Borget: Wife
Robert "Buddy" Shaw: Husband
Sherry Hall: Sentry
Tony Paton: Waiter

Hillary Brooke (1915-1999)


Died May 25, 1999 of an undisclosed cause, age 84.
Blonde actress who starred in several B-movies during the 1940s, then turned to television for a long list of dramatic and comedic guest appearances. She's best remembered as Lou Costello's girlfriend on The Abbott and Costello Show.

As herself on The Abbott and Costello Show (1952-1953)
As Roberta Townsend [recurring] on My Little Margie (1952-1954)


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