THE ENTOURAGE of Madame of Pompadour

The King Louis XV.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

The Queen Maria Leszczynska.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

Marie Louise Elisabeth,
called Madame Infant
Duchess of Parma,
first daughter of Louis XV.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

Madame Anne Henriette,
twin of Marie Louise Elisabeth,
daughter of Luigi XV.
(Jean Marc Nattier, particolare)

Luise Marie de France
called Marie Luise,
daughter of Luigi XV.
She will become a nun.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

Louis Ferdinand
the Dauphin of France,
son of Luigi XV.
Father of Luigi XVI.
(Maurice Quentin de la Tour)

Madame Marie Adelaide,
daughter of Luigi XV.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

Marie Louise Thérese Victoria,
detta Madame Victoria,
daughter of Luigi XV.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

Sophie Philippe Elisabeth Justine,
called Madame Sophie,
daughter of Luigi XV.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

Alexandrine Le Normant d'Etoilles,
dead when she was 10 years old.
daughter of Madame de Pompadour.

Marie Josèphe de Saxe.
Second wife of the Dauphin,
mother of Luigi XVI.
(Jean Marc Nattier)

The Marques of Marigny,
François Abel Poisson brother of Mme Pompadour.

The Cardinal de Bernis, counsellor and friend of the Marchioness.

The Duke of Choiseul, prime minister.
(Van Loo)

Le Normant de Tournehem. The lover of the mother of the Marchioness and her father in law. He took care of her education.
(Louis Tocqué)

Maurice de Saxe, marshall of France and uncle of the Dauphin.
(Maurice Quentin de la Tour)

Maria Teresa the Empress of d'Austria.
(Jean Etienne Liotard)

Armand du Plessis,
Duke of Richelieu.
General and Marshall of France.

Madame Geoffrin. whose house was attended by Madame Pompadour.
(Jean Marc Nattier, particolare)

(François-Marie Arouet)

Louise-Madeleine de la Motte Mother of Mme de Pompadour
(Portrait presumed of Maurice Quentin de la Tour and Adelaide Labille-Guiard)
Jean Henri dit Masers de Latude
(Antoine Vestier)

The main personages of the entourage of Madame of Pompadour

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquees of Pompadour 1721-1764
Louis XV, king of France and Navarra 1710-1774
Maria Leczinska of Poland, Queen of France 1703-1768
Louis, the Dauphin of France 1729-1765
Maria Rafaela of Spain, the Dauphin of France 1726-1746
Marie-Josèphe of Saxony, the Dauphin of France 1731-1766

The sons of the Dauphin:
the Duke of Berry, the forthcoming King Louis XVI 1754-1793
the Count of Provence, the forthcoming King Louis XVIII 1755-1824
the Count of Artois, the forthcoming King Charles X 1757-1836

The daughters of the King:
Madame Elisabeth, the Infant 1727-1759
Madame Henriette 1727-1752
Madame Marie Louise 1728- 1733
Madame Adelaide 1732-1800
Madame Victoria 1733-1799
Madame Sophie 1734-1782
Marie Therese Felicity 1736-1744
Madame Louise 1737-1787

Fillip, Duke of Orleans and Regent of France

Maria Teresa, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary 1717-1780
Frederick II, the Great, King of Prussia 1712-1786
George II, King of England and Hannover 1683-1760
August III, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland 1696-1763
Stanislaus Leczinski, former King of Poland 1677-1766
Charles Edward Stewart, the young pretender 1720-1788
Maurice of Saxony, the Marshall of France 1696-.750
The Duchess of Chàteauroux, former King’s Mistress 1717-1744

Countess of Du Barry, the King’s mistress after the death of Madame Pompadour

The Marquees of d’Angerson, the Foreign Minister 1694-1757
The Count of d’Angerson, his youngest brother, and the War Minister 1696-1764
The Count of Maurepas, the Admiralty Minister 1701-1781
Machault d’Arnouville, the Keeper of the Seals 1701-1794
The Count of Stainville the forthcoming Duke of Choiseul 1719-1785
The Duke of Richelieu, the Marshall of France 1696-1788
Charles de Rohan, the Prince of Soubise 1715-1787
The Abbot of Bernis, the Foreign Minister and forthcoming Cardinal 1715-1794
François Quesnay, doctor and economist 1694-1774
Jean François Marmontel, writer 1723-1799

François Boucher, painter

Crebillori, dramatist 1674-1762
Voltaire 1694-1778

The Madame Pompadour’s family:
François Poisson, her father 1684-1754
Madeleine de la Motte, her mother 1699-1745
Abel Poisson, the Marquees of Vandières and Marigny, her brother 1726-1781
Charles-Guillaume le Normant d’Etioles, her husband 1717-1799
Alexandrine d’Etioles, her daughter


Jean Paris de Montmartel.
Her Godfather and presumed lover of her mother (1)

1690 -1 766
Charles François Paul Lenormant de Tourneheim.
A presumed lover of her mother and uncle of her brother. He took care of her education (2)
1684 - 1751

Both men have been described as her mother’s lovers.
It is even reported that Jean Paris de Montmartel was the real father of the Marchioness, while someone said that it was Lenormant de Tourneheim instead...

The last biographical researches report that her father was François Poisson.


The sons of Louis XV

Louis XV announced his engagement to the Infant of Spain, Mary-Anne Victoire, in September 14 1721. The Princess was repudiated in March 1 1725 and left Versailles in April 5. The King was obliged to marry Maria Lezcynska and the Royal Wedding was celebrated the 5 September 1725.

1) Marie Louise Elisabeth
(Madame Infant)
Duchess of Parma

14 August 1727- 6 December 1759
2) Anne Henriette
(Twin of the first one)

14 August 1727-10 February 1752
3) Louise Marie

28 July 1728 -19 February 1733
4) Louis Ferdinand
(The Dauphin)

4 September 1729 - 20 December 1765
5) Duc d'Anjou

30 August 1730 - 7 April 1733
6) Marie Adèlaide

23 March 1732 - 27 February 1800
7) Marie Luise Thèrese Victorie

11 May 1733 - 7 June 1799
8) Sophie Philippe Elisabeth Justine

27 July 1734 - 2 March 1782
An unborn baby at the end of March 1735

9) Marie Thèrese Fèlicitè

16 May 1736 - 28 September 1744
10) Louise Marie
She became a nun in February 1770

15 July 1737 - 23 December 1787

"Louis XV had a lot of illegitimate children before his relationship with Madame Pompadour."