Project of architect Gabriel



The Military School (map)

In 1750 the Marshal de Saxe, a good friend of Madame Pompadour, after his experience during the Austrian war of Independence underlined the lack of a professional military school in France.

The Marchioness and the financier Paris supported his idea and thought to found a college, an academy for about 500 people born in poor families: beside the military training they gave them the opportunity to attend a real school.

Being a profound supporter of the monarchy, Madame Pompadour suggested this project to the King who enthusiastically accepted.

They asked the architect Gabriel who chose the area close to the Invalides (an impressive building projected by Louis XV).

Because of its proximity to this other building, Gabriel at first thought to double the School.

Nowadays the Military School it is quite close to the Tour Eiffel.

14 May 1751: first layouts of the Military School.
24 June 1751: first project of the building.
13 September 1751: first excavations.
1752: the construction of the building yard.
1752: the infirmary is finished.
End of 1755: the Chapel of the students is finished.
Easter 1756: opening of the Military School and the temporary buildings.
1760: Gabriel, the architect, resigned because of the opening of the “Collège Royal de la Flèche”.
1764: year of the death of Madame Pompadour.
1765: second project by Gabriel.
1766: the “Champ de Mars” (the Field of Mars). The third project by Gabriel: at this point he thought to go back to the first idea.
1768: the last project, the building followed the original dimensions.
5 July 1768: the King attended the laying of the first stone of the Chapel.
1773: the Chapel is finished.
1780: the demolition of the scaffoldings in front of the façade.