The Petit Trianon (By Lorenzo Crivellin) (map)

Louis XV began the construction of the Trianon in 1763, based on an idea of Madame Pompadour, and finished it in 1768 four years after the death of the Marchioness.

It was the masterpiece of the architect Anges-Jacques Gabriel who, according with the ideas of Madame Pompadour, followed the new classical style, which was about to take the place of the Rocaille.

The Neo-classicism expresses a new way of living, with comfortable rooms, without forgetting a touch of elegance and sobriety.

After the death of the Marchioness the new King’s mistress, the Countess Du Barry, lived in the Trianon. When even Louis XV died she had to leave the place that was donated to the new Queen, Maria Antonietta wife of Louis XVI.

The Trianon witnessed a period of happy and sad events with the new royal couple, but this is another story.

During the French revolution the building was openly criticized (we don’t have to forget though that slanders were quite common), the revolutionaries said that its interiors were too rich (...the walls were covered with precious stones...), the maintenance too expensive.

Let me say that compared to most of our modern villas the Trianon doesn’t look so exceptionally sumptuous. In my opinion the criticisms came basically from people who didn’t love and appreciate the real artistic expressions.