Pavillon of Mme de Pompadour
into Sévres

The Royal Manufactory of Sèvres (map)

1740: Thanks to the support of Madame de Pompadour a porcelains manufactory is founded in Vincennes.

1745: Thanks to the patronage of Madame de Pompadour, the State Council gives to the manufactory the privilege to make porcelains in Saxony style.

1752: Not far from Versailles an estate is acquired (to allow Madame de Pompadour to follow the development of the manufactory).

1754: The works for the new manufactory begin.

1756: At the end of the works the manufactory is transferred in Sèvres and acquired by the Crown.

1759: Having followed the change of time and style the manufactory still works, but mainly for the State.

Taken into consideration the exceptional quality of its production, the manufactory attracts a considerable number of collectors from various countries. Louis XV acquires all the shares of the manufactory and asks Boileau to be the director.