THE RESIDENCES of Mme de Pompadour


The Saint-Hubert Castle (map)

Saint-Hubert in the Rambouillet forest did Louis XV build one of the most important hunting middle stages. Gabriel delivered the plans in June 1755 to finish the building four years later.

This house had an ephemeral existence; only a terrace and a few details of the gardens survived. In the white-yellow salon Clerici, who decorated the Marchioness’ chapels in the Church of the Capuchin friars, made the plasters. Unfortunately the wet environment ruined them quite rapidly.

For the bedroom of the Marchioness, La Questre, the decorator, made a piece of furniture made of Indian damask with red and white straps.

The fireplace made of brocatelle, was moved to be placed at the Trianon, after the death of Madame de Pompadour. Other fireplaces show the same style, one in particular (the barest one) made of white Languedoc marble in deep blue, came from the demolition of the Hotel d’Evreux.