THE RESIDENCES of Mme de Pompadour

The side view of the gardens

The side view of the honour court

Plant of the Castle and gardens

The Crecy Couve Castle (close to Dreux) (map)

Louis XV asked to build the Castle on the ruins of the previous one, which he demolished.

The most part of the building material was taken from the ancient aqueduct of Maintenon.

In 1746 he donated the castle to Madame de Pompadour who increased and improved it a lot. Not far from the building the Marchioness built a hospital for the elder and the poor.

After a few years she sold the property to the Duke of Penthiève who subsequently sold it to the Prince of Montmorency, in 1775.

In 1793 the castle was destroyed because it belonged to immigrants. A few “boiseries” were bought by a restorer and were used to panel the interiors of the houses built in Dreux.

The cost of the Castle was of 38 millions livres.

It is impossible to evaluate the enormous artistic patrimony lost during the Revolution.

The masterpieces would have an exceptional economical value: a porcelain made in Sevrès has been sold at an auction in New York for 140.000$. A “commode” made by cabinet-makers of the period is valued twice as much that price.

Where did the furniture go?

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