THE RESIDENCES of Mme de Pompadour



The Compiègne Castle (map)

At that time Louis XV was known for being a King when living in Versailles, a lord when in Fontainebleau and a farmer in Compiègne.

The vast forest, full of game, attracted Louis XV when he could satisfy his main passion. He transformed the medieval barracks into a few allotments of works for Gabriel, the famous architect.

The project suggested by Ange-Jacques in 1751, approved for its noble and simple style, was adopted for the whole building.

The realization was quite long, but followed the project in every detail.
The architect shown his greatness in two occasions, the irregularity of the ground and its drop due to the ancient walls.

The prince of Croy loved the view from the terrace.
A drawings dated 19 July 1755, shows the magnificent classical garden (Gabriel made the drawings of it) with a palmetto in the middle, a basin and, in front of the green carpet, a flowerbed that spreads trough the park in a goose’s feet shape.

On the border of the big flowerbed, at the periphery of Porte Chapelle, the Ermitage built for Madame de Pompadour.