THE RESIDENCES of Mme de Pompadour

The Champ-sur-Marne Castle (map)

The treasurer Charles Renouard de la Touane asked Pièrre Bullet, royal architect, to build the castle in 1699.

Unfortunately he had to stop because of a financial problem so another financier, Paul Poisson de Bourvaleais, continued the building. It was the son of Bullet though who finished the works in 1706.

After the imprisonment of Paul Poisson in 1718 the Crown gave the property to the Princess of Conti, daughter of Louis XIV and of his mistress, Madame de la Vallière.

In 1757 Madame de Pompadour located the place for eighteen months.

The castle had a French and an English garden, which were considered the most beautiful of France.

The castle was finally purchased by Louis Cahen d’Anvers in 1895 whose son, Charles Cahen d’Anvers, would donate the property to the nation of France in 1935.