Notes from Madame Pompadour’s checkbook

Notes from Madame Pompadour’s checkbook
A list of my bills.
(The figures are in Livres)

My silverware 537.600
My golden sets 150.000
His expenses 1.338.867
The board of his 19 years of kingdom 3.504.800
For the King’s travels, extraordinary expenses and Performs organized in various residences 4.005.900
Wages for my servants during 19 years of service 1.168.8861
Pensions that I paid until my death 229.236
98 golden caskets of 3.000 livres each, stored in my safe 294.000
All my diamonds stored in a safe 1.783.000
A superb collection of stones embossed by Guay, donated to the King 400.000
Furniture made of ancient lacquer 111.945
The ancient porcelains 150.000
A few stones bought to increase my collection 60.000
The wallpapers and the linen for Crecy 600.452
The wallpapers and linen for my other residences 400.325
My wardrobe, all included 350.235
The crockery for all of my houses 66.172
My own library plus a few manuscripts 12.500
The presents for the ladies 460.000
The donations to the poor 150.000
The clothes, mantles and fabrics donated to the doorwomen 100.000
My father’s businesses, liquidated by Mr. de Machaut 400.000
My portraits and other whims 60.000
The candles for 19 years 660.000
The lanterns and expenses for the lighting 150.000
The good mares, the horses, the carriages and the sedan-chairs 1.800.000
The food and the maintenance of the horses 1.300.000
The liveries in my houses 250.000
The purchase of Crecy 650.000
The purchase of La Celle 260.000
The purchase of Aunay 140.000
The purchase of the barony of Treon (by Crecy) 80.000
The purchase of Magenville 25.000
The purchase of Saint-Remy 24.000
The purchase of Oville 11.000
The purchase of Evreux Hotel in Paris 650.000
The purchase of an estate by the Hotel 80.000
The expenses in Champs for three years 200.000
The expenses in Saint-Ouen for five years 500.000
The gold and silver medals 400.000
Collin, servant-master and assistant 6.000
Dr. Quesnay 3.000
Du Hausset, chambermaid 150
Courtaget, chambermaid 150
Neveay, chambermaid 150
A total of   34.043.343