ARTICLES: A synthesis of Madame de Pompadour

A synthesis of Madame de Pompadour   
by Lorenzo Crivellin

She was an extraordinary woman, not yet understood. The Illuminism opened the door to a renewal in arts, science, philosophy and this educated, middle-class woman understood that the Ancient Regime was about to finish. She tried everything to gain power within the court to put her innovative ideas into practice in order to save the Kingdom. Meanwhile King Louis XV was overwhelmed, annoyed by the noblemen and noblewomen with all their political currents. He chose to get close to the most honest and genuine middle-class and introduced this woman to his court, not a prostitute but a sensitive person who has never offended the Queen with her embarrassing presence. Due to this episode the monarchy and the middle-class came much more closer to each other. The middle-class showed a certain maturity and the capacity of becoming an executive class (actually many disliked the idea of being commanded by an only one man).

Things went differently because Madame de Pompadour died at the age of 43. We wonder if the French revolution could have been avoided but is difficult to say. What we certainly know is that, thanks to Madame de Pompadour, the monarchy accepted the newly written Encyclopaedia and the extremely conservative Jesuits, too much involved in politics, were banished. It is reported that Madame de Pompadour chose the wrong advisors in managing the alliance with Austria but this episode requests a deeper knowledg. (***) The heirs of Louis XV weren’t able and quick at sensing the renewal: they didn’t support this new wave so the revolution was totally overwhelming. Even though we don’t have to forget that, despite the good beginning, the revolution ends up as a useless collection of cruelties. (You are invited to give your opinion about these historical events).

Lorenzo Crivellin

(***) In order to deepen the subject read:
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